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    macarthur astronomical society

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    Astronomers use scientific observation to learn about the Universe we live in. It's a beautiful place and, as a group of keen amateur astronomers, M.A.S. members have it as their common interest. We observe from two southern Sydney locations.

  • photograph

    Along with our "visual" observers, we have a group of dedicated astrophotographers within our ranks. This group find that photographing deep sky objects with high-quality cameras brings out the colour which your own eyes are unable to detect. See our photographs and you'll want to take your own.

  • educate

    Come to a Macarthur Astronomy Forum evening, held at UWS Campbelltown, to hear talks given by Australian and international professional astronomers as well as from amateurs with interests in their own specific fields. Entry is free for all.

  • events

    M.A.S. members are deeply committed to sharing our combined knowledge of, and love for, the night sky and the science of astronomy. We hold public open nights during the year - keep watching out for "What's On".


Macarthur Astronomical Society

Amateur Astronomy in South Western Sydney

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26th August - 24th November.



Welcome to MAS!

We are amateur astronomers in the South Western Region of Sydney, Australia, including Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool and Wollondilly local government areas of NSW.

We hold regular dark sky observing sessions for our members to advance our skills.

We bring local and international guest speakers to address our monthly Macarthur Astronomy Forum at the Campbelltown Campus of Western Sydney University.

We organise public astronomy nights in collaboration with Campbelltown Rotary Observatory at Western Sydney University and we collaborate with local institutions to maximise knowledge of the Universe in the local community - including school mentoring.



Whens the next stargazing night


Macarthur Astronomy Forum

A Broken Space Telescope, Exploding Stars, and the End of the Universe

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 Guest Speaker:

Dr Brad Tucker

Australian National University

18th November, 7.30 pm

Venue : Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus
Building 30, Goldsmith Avenue, Campbelltown, NSW 2560

Public admission free: gold coin donations gratefully accepted. 

Forum details: News and Events

Location: see map > HERE <   


MAS Top Shot

Tarantula Nebula by Noel Sharpe

10 inch f/4.  5 minute single shot unguided at 1600 ISO.

Image copyright © Noel Sharpe (Macarthur Astronomical Society)




 MAS supports the mission of the Australian Dark Sky Alliance










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