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    macarthur astronomical society

  • observe

    Astronomers use scientific observation to learn about the Universe we live in. It's a beautiful place and, as a group of keen amateur astronomers, M.A.S. members have it as their common interest. We observe from two southern Sydney locations.

  • photograph

    Along with our "visual" observers, we have a group of dedicated astrophotographers within our ranks. This group find that photographing deep sky objects with high-quality cameras brings out the colour which your own eyes are unable to detect. See our photographs and you'll want to take your own.

  • educate

    Come to a Macarthur Astronomy Forum evening, held at UWS Campbelltown, to hear talks given by Australian and international professional astronomers as well as from amateurs with interests in their own specific fields. Entry is free for all.

  • events

    M.A.S. members are deeply committed to sharing our combined knowledge of, and love for, the night sky and the science of astronomy. We hold public open nights during the year - keep watching out for "What's On".

To contact MAS, please click on the relevant e-mail address below - or you can write to: The Secretary, PO Box 17, Minto, 2566 


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President   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Secretary & Public Officer   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Treasurer   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Membership Officer & New Members Contact           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
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Sun 6th Jan

Fri-Sat 4th -5th Jan

SS 20.09

MS 20.18


Sat 26th Jan

SS 20.09
MR 23.47




Mon 21st Jan



Tues 5th Feb

Fri-Sat 1st -2nd Feb

SS 19.48
MS 19.57

Sat 2nd Mar

SS 19.54
MS 16.59



Mon 18th Feb



Thur 7th Mar

Fri-Sat 8th 9th Mar

SS 19.22
MS 20.59

Sat 30th Mar

SS 18.53
MR 01.14



Mon 18th Mar



Fri 5th Apr

Fri-Sat 5th – 6th Apr

SS 17.40
MS 19.02

Sat 27th Apr

SS 17.54
MR 23.52

Sat 13th Apr


SS 17.35
MR 13.33

Mon 15th Apr



Sun 5th May

Fri-Sat 3rd – 4th May

SS 17.13
MS 20.47

Sat 25th May

SS 16.57
MR 22.36



Mon 20th May



Mon 3rd June

Fri-Sat 31st May-1st Jun

SS 16.54
MS 15.36

Sat 22nd Jun

SS 16.53
MR 21.21

NM -5

Sat 8th June

SS 16.53
MS 21.54

Mon 17th Jun



Wed 3rd July

Fri-Sat 28th -29th Jun

SS 17.13
MS 16.07

Sat 27th Jul

SS 17.11
MR 1.42


Mon 15th Jul



Thur 1st Aug

Fri-Sat 2nd – 3rd Aug

SS 17.16
MS 19.43

Sat 24th Aug

SS 17.31
MR 1.32

Sat 10thAug
IH Students at the Cabin

SS 17.21
MS 03.15

Mon 19th Aug



Fri.30th Aug

Fri-Sat 30th 31st Aug

SS 17.43
MR 5.45

Sat 21st Sep

SS 17.50
MS 23.24

Sat 7th Sep



SS 17.40

MS 02.07

Mon 16th Sep



Sun 29th Sept

Fri-Sat 27th-28th Sept

SS 18.03
MR 5.20

Sat 19th Oct

SS 19.11
MR 23.18

Sat 5th Oct



SS 18.00

MS 01.15

Mon 21st Oct



Mon 28th Oct

Fri-Sat 25th-26th Oct

SS 19.17
MS 17.02

Sat 23rd Nov

SS 19.14
MR 3.31



Mon 18th Nov



Wed 27t Nov

Fri-Sat 29th -30th Nov

SS 19.20
MS 20.43

Sat 21st Dec

SS 20.05
MR 2.07



Mon 9th Dec

Student Night



Thur 26th

Fri-Sat 27th -28th Dec

SS 20.12
MS 21.55

Mon31st Dec


SS 20.09
MS 23.46




1. The best Saturday night of the cycle (i.e. closest to New Moon) is allocated to The Forest & second best to Stargard

2. Public nights are usually scheduled close to FQM. This suits the public who wish to view bright objects; the moonlight satisfies public safety concerns; and avoids cancellation of members observing nights. There is also potential for pubic nights to be nominated on a night when the Moon spectacularly rises during the event.
3. The annual International House Students Night is normally held in August and the date proposed, to avoid clashing with regular observing nights.

4. The times allocated to The Forest relate to the Saturday.

A list of astronomy books published by authors who are associated with Macarthur Astronomical Society. Links are provided but some books may be out of print.

Robert Bee: Member

  Book RB Heavens Above        Book RB Star Hopping        


Chris Malikoff (Co-author): Member

Book CM Ice In Space Compendium 2009


Prof. Bryan Gaensler: Patron Since 2009

Book BG Extreme Cosmos

Dr Ragbir Bhathal: Patron (1996-2011) & Honorary Member

Book RagB 1 Mt Stromlo Observatory Book RagB 2 University Physics with Modern Physics1  Book RagB 3 Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence  Book RagB 4 Australian Backyard Astronomy   Book RagB 5 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI in the Optical Spectrum III Book RagB 6 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 
 Book RagB 7 Scientific and Cultural Aspects of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  Book RagB 8 Australian Astronomers Achievements at the Frontiers of Astronomy  Book RagB 9 Searching for ET  Book RagB 10 Astronomy for the Higher School Certificate  Book RagB 11 Under the Southern Cross


Prof Geraint Lewis & Dr Luke Barnes: Guest Speakers 

Book GLLB A Fortunate Universe   



Prof Lisa Harvey-Smith: Guest Speaker

Book LHS When Galaxies Collide

Prof. Fred Watson: Guest Speaker

      Star Craving Mad




Document Archives of Macarthur Astronomical Society

"Prime Focus" journal was first published in 1996, as a printed edition. In 2009 it was converted to electronic distribution and the first colour editions were published in 2011.

The final edition was published in October 2012.

Archive work in progress.



 January February
 May June
 July August
 September October  -



 - February March
May June
July August
 September October  November  -



 January February
 May June
 July August
 September October  November  -



 January February March April
 May June
 July August  September October  November  -



 January February March April  May June
 July August  - October  November

  *If any member, past or present, has copies of issues between 1997 and 2007, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 January February March April May June
July August  September October  November -



Further MAS Archive Pages can be found as follows:

AGM Minutes Archive
Annual Reports Archive
Newsletter Archive
Management Committee Minutes Archive
Management Committee Members Since Formation



A list of bright deep sky objects which is supplementary to the Messier List, which missed several objects worthy of listing  - and listed nothing south of 35° S. The first fourteen items (C1-C14) are not visible from Macarthur's 34° S latitude. The dates of the highest passing of the objects are approximate.


Also Designated

Common name





C1* NGC 188   Open Cluster Cepheus 8.1 Sep-Oct
C2* NGC 40 Bow-Tie Nebula Planetary Nebula Cepheus 11 Sep-Oct
C3* NGC 4236   Barred Spiral Galaxy Draco 9.7 Mar-Sep
C4* NGC 7023 Iris Nebula Open Cluster and Nebula Cepheus 7 Sep-Oct
C5* IC 342   Spiral Galaxy Camelopardalis 9 Dec-May
C6* NGC 6543 Cat's Eye Nebula Planetary Nebula Draco 9 Mar-Sep
C7* NGC 2403   Spiral Galaxy Camelopardalis 8.4 Dec-May
C8* NGC 559   Open Cluster Cassiopeia 9.5 Oct-Dec
C9* Sh2-155 Cave Nebula Nebula Cepheus 7.7 Sep-Oct
C10* NGC 663   Open Cluster Cassiopeia 7.1 Oct-Dec
C11* NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula Nebula Cassiopeia - Oct-Dec
C12* NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Cepheus 8.9 Sep-Oct
C13* NGC 457 Owl Cluster, E.T. Cluster Open Cluster Cassiopeia 6.4 Oct-Dec
C14* NGC 869 & 884 Double Cluster, H & χ Persei Open Cluster Perseus 4 Nov-Dec
C15 NGC 6826 Blinking Planetary Planetary Nebula Cygnus 10 Aug-Sep
C16 NGC 7243   Open Cluster Lacerta 6.4 Sep-Oct
C17 NGC 147   Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Cassiopeia 9.3 Oct-Dec
C18 NGC 185   Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Cassiopeia 9.2 Oct-Dec
C19 IC 5146 Cocoon Nebula Open Cluster and Nebula Cygnus 7.2 Aug-Sep
C20 NGC 7000 North America Nebula Nebula Cygnus 4 Aug-Sep
C21 NGC 4449   Irregular galaxy Canes Venatici 9.4 Apr-May
C22 NGC 7662 Blue Snowball Planetary Nebula Andromeda 9 Oct-Nov
C23 NGC 891   Spiral Galaxy Andromeda 10 Oct-Nov
C24 NGC 1275 Perseus A Type-cD galaxy Perseus 11.6 Nov-Dec
C25 NGC 2419   Globular Cluster Lynx 10.4 Jan-Mar
C26 NGC 4244   Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 10.2 Apr-May
C27 NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula Nebula Cygnus 7.4 Aug-Sep
C28 NGC 752   Open Cluster Andromeda 5.7 Oct-Nov
C29 NGC 5005   Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 9.8 Apr-May
C30 NGC 7331   Spiral Galaxy Pegasus 9.5 Sep-Oct
C31 IC 405 Flaming Star Nebula Nebula Auriga - Dec-Feb
C32 NGC 4631 Whale Galaxy Barred Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 9.3 Apr-May
C33 NGC 6992 East Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant Cygnus - Aug-Sep
C34 NGC 6960 West Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant Cygnus - Aug-Sep
C35 NGC 4889   Type-cD galaxy Coma Berenices 11.4 Apr-May
C36 NGC 4559   Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.9 Apr-May
C37 NGC 6885   Open Cluster Vulpecula 6 Aug-Sep
C38 NGC 4565 Needle Galaxy Spiral Galaxy Coma Berenices 9.6 Apr-May
C39 NGC 2392 Eskimo Nebula/Clown Face Nebula Planetary Nebula Gemini 10 Jan-Feb
C40 NGC 3626   Spiral Galaxy Leo 10.9 Mar-Apr
C41 Mel 25 Hyades Open Cluster Taurus 0.5 Dec-Jan
C42 NGC 7006   Globular Cluster Delphinus 10.6 Aug-Sep
C43 NGC 7814   Spiral Galaxy Pegasus 10.5 Sep-Oct
C44 NGC 7479   Barred Spiral Galaxy Pegasus 11 Sep-Oct
C45 NGC 5248   Spiral Galaxy Boötes 10.2 May-Jun
C46 NGC 2261 Hubble's Variable Nebula Nebula Monoceros - Jan-Feb
C47 NGC 6934   Globular Cluster Delphinus 8.9 Aug-Sep
C48 NGC 2775   Spiral Galaxy Cancer 10.3 Feb-Mar
C49 NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula Nebula Monoceros 9 Jan-Feb
C50 NGC 2244   Open Cluster Monoceros 4.8 Jan-Feb
C51 IC 1613   Irregular galaxy Cetus 9.3 Oct-Dec
C52 NGC 4697   Elliptical galaxy Virgo 9.3 Apr-Jun
C53 NGC 3115 Spindle Galaxy Lenticular Galaxy Sextans 9.2 Mar-Apr
C54 NGC 2506   Open Cluster Monoceros 7.6 Jan-Feb
C55 NGC 7009 Saturn Nebula Planetary Nebula Aquarius 8 Aug-Oct
C56 NGC 246   Planetary Nebula Cetus 8 Oct-Dec
C57 NGC 6822 Barnard's Galaxy Barred irregular galaxy Sagittarius 9 Jul-Aug
C58 NGC 2360   Open Cluster Canis Major 7.2 Jan-Feb
C59 NGC 3242 Ghost of Jupiter Planetary Nebula Hydra 9 Feb-Jun
C60 NGC 4038 Antennae Galaxies Galaxy Corvus 10.7 Apr-May
C61 NGC 4039 Antennae Galaxies Interacting galaxy Corvus 13 Apr-May
C62 NGC 247   Spiral Galaxy Cetus 8.9 Oct-Dec
C63 NGC 7293 Helix Nebula Planetary Nebula Aquarius 7.3 Aug-Oct
C64 NGC 2362   Open Cluster and Nebula Canis Major 4.1 Jan-Feb
C65 NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy Galaxy Sculptor 7.1 Oct-Nov
C66 NGC 5694   Globular Cluster Hydra 10.2 Feb-Jun
C67 NGC 1097   Galaxy Fornax 9.3 Nov-Dec
C68 NGC 6729 R CrA Nebula Nebula Corona Australis - Jul-Aug
C69 NGC 6302 Bug Nebula Planetary Nebula Scorpius 13 Jun-Jul
C70 NGC 300   Galaxy Sculptor 9 Oct-Nov
C71 NGC 2477   Open Cluster Puppis 5.8 Jan-Feb
C72 NGC 55   Galaxy Sculptor 8 Oct-Nov
C73 NGC 1851   Globular Cluster Columba 7.3 Jan
C74 NGC 3132 Eight Burst Nebula Planetary Nebula Vela 8 Feb-Apr
C75 NGC 6124   Open Cluster Scorpius 5.8 Jun-Jul
C76 NGC 6231   Open Cluster and Nebula Scorpius 2.6 Jun-Jul
C77 NGC 5128 Centaurus A Galaxy Centaurus 7 Apr-Jun
C78 NGC 6541   Globular Cluster Corona Australis 6.6 Jul-Aug
C79 NGC 3201   Globular Cluster Vela 6.8 Feb-Apr
C80 NGC 5139 Omega Centauri Globular Cluster Centaurus 3.7 Apr-Jun
C81 NGC 6352   Globular Cluster Ara 8.2 Jun-Jul
C82 NGC 6193   Open Cluster Ara 5.2 Jun-Jul
C83 NGC 4945   Galaxy Centaurus 9 Apr-Jun
C84 NGC 5286   Globular Cluster Centaurus 7.6 Apr-Jun
C85 IC 2391 Omicron Velorum Cluster Open Cluster Vela 2.5 Feb-Apr
C86 NGC 6397   Globular Cluster Ara 5.7 Jun-Jul
C87 NGC 1261   Globular Cluster Horologium 8.4 Nov-Dec
C88 NGC 5823   Open Cluster Circinus 7.9 May-Jun
C89 - S Norma Cluster Open Cluster Norma 5.4 Jun
C90 NGC 2867   Planetary Nebula Carina 10 Jan-Apr
C91 NGC 3532 Wishing Well Cluster Open Cluster Carina 3 Jan-Apr
C92 NGC 3372 Eta Carinae Nebula Nebula Carina 3 Jan-Apr
C93 NGC 6752   Globular Cluster Pavo 5.4 Jul-Sep
C94 NGC 4755 Jewel Box Open Cluster Crux 4.2 Apr-May
C95 NGC 6025   Open Cluster Triangulum Australe 5.1 Jun-Jul
C96 NGC 2516   Open Cluster Carina 3.8 Jan-Apr
C97 NGC 3766 Pearl Cluster Open Cluster Centaurus 5.3 Apr-Jun
C98 NGC 4609   Open Cluster Crux 6.9 Apr-May
C99 - Coalsack Nebula Dark Nebula Crux - Apr-May
C100 IC 2944 Lambda Centauri Nebula Open Cluster and Nebula Centaurus 4.5 Apr-Jun
C101 NGC 6744   Galaxy Pavo 9 Jul-Sep
C102 IC 2602 Theta Car Cluster Open Cluster Carina 1.9 Jan-Apr
C103 NGC 2070 Tarantula Nebula Open Cluster and Nebula Dorado 8.2 Dec-Jan
C104 NGC 362   Globular Cluster Tucana 6.6 Sep-Nov
C105 NGC 4833   Globular Cluster Musca 7.4 Apr-May
C106 NGC 104 47 Tucanae Globular Cluster Tucana 4 Sep-Nov
C107 NGC 6101   Globular Cluster Apus 9.3 May-Jul
C108 NGC 4372   Globular Cluster Musca 7.8 Apr-May
C109 NGC 3195   Planetary Nebula Chamaeleon 11.6 Feb-May

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