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A busy period coming up with lots of planned activities. Please help out by volunteering for our public outreach events!



Event & Location

Event Summary


28th Apr Sat Public Night
At Campbelltown Rotary Observatory
Please see full details > HERE <
Volunteers with telescopes needed. Public Welcome. 

Members 4 pm
Public 6pm
5th May Sat Picton IlluminARTe
At Picton

Public outreach event - further details to come. 
Volunteers needed.

12th May Sat  Stargard
At The Oaks

Members Private Observing Night SS 5.05 pm
MR 3.45 am
18th-19th May Fri Sat The Forest
At Belanglo Forest

New Moon Weekend
Members Private Observing Night
SS 5.00 pm

18th-20th May Fri-Sun Astrotour
At Parkes

Details: MAS AstroTours Page ~
21st May Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum
At Western Sydney University

Guest Speaker: Dr Lee Spitler (AAO & Macquarie Uni) 7.30 pm sharp
23rd May Wed Guinness World Record Attempt.
To improve our existing
 current world record!

Public welcome. Free entry.
Details below.
7.00 pm -9.00 pm
26th May Sat Public Night
At Campbelltown Rotary Observatory
Public outreach Event - please see full details > HERE <
Volunteers needed.

6.00 pm
9th Jun Sat Stargard
At The Oaks

Members Private Observing

SS 4.53 pm
MR 2.30 am
15th-16th Jun Fri-Sat The Forest
At Belanglo Forest

Members Private Observing SS 4.53 pm
18th Jun Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum
At Western Sydney University

Guest Speaker: Serge Antonov (Astro Devices) 7.30 pm sharp
20th Jun Wed Camden Library

Public outreach. Volunteers needed. tba
25th Jun Mon Cobbity Joey Scouts

Public 0utreach. Volunteers needed. tba
  • *Time Key for observing nights: SS = Sun Set; MS = Moon Set; MR = Moon Rise.

  • Before Setting Out: If an event is in doubt, members should check (i) here; AND (ii) ; MAS Facebook page.

  • More: Details of events are lower down this page; see also our 'Maps' page; and the 'Field Etiquette' page.

  • Macarthur Astronomy Forum is normally held on the third Monday of the month (Jan-Nov).

    For full details of our next Public Night, please visit our Public Nights page.


Members Notices

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Macarthur Astronomical Society was held on 16th April. Your new committee is:

President:    Tony Law
Vice-President:    Ray Armstrong
Secretary:    Barry Moore
Treasurer:    Andy Milton 
Membership Officer:    Henry Swierk 
Committee position1:    John Rombi 
Committee position2:    Greg Bradford


MAS Astro-Tours

Parkes  Murchison China USA  

Next up is our Astro-Tour of the Parkes Radio Dish, which will take place on 19th - 20th May. 

Please see our Astro-Tours page for latest itinerary, expressions of interest and booking arrangements.

Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Coming Up - Every Third Monday of the Month


21st May 


18th June


16th July



Dr Lee Spitler

(Macquarie University/AAO)

Ultra-faint imaging with the Huntsman Canon-lens telescope



Serge Antonov

(Astro Devices)

topic: tba


Amy Shira Teitel

(Vintage Space)

topic tba

Macarthur Astronomy Forum Details

Organised and conducted by Macarthur Astronomical Society with the support and cooperation of Campbelltown Rotary Observatory and Western Sydney University. To get there, please view our On The Map Menu at the top of this page.  

Where & When


Public Entry 



Held in the small lecture theatre in Building 30 (School of Medicine) at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus. We meet on the third Monday of the month (Jan-Nov).


  Members of the public are cordially invited to attend the Forum. Public admission is by gold coin donation in our black box (at the front of the auditorium) adjacent to the signing in register.


  We provide self-service coffee, tea and biscuits at 9.30 pm to 10.00 pm after the Forum

 Refreshment charge of $2.00 per head.


 Please see our Guest Speaker page for a full list of guest speakers - past, present and future. 



Stargazing Live

In conjuncion with Western Sydney University, we are participating in an Australia-wide attempt by the ABC and ANU to break the world record for the "Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Venues".

Wed. 23 May 2018, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Campbelltown Rotary Observatory., University Drive, Macarthur Heights.

7.00 pm: Registration.
8.00 pm ABC Stargazing Live broadcast commences, during which the World Record attempt will take place some time before 9 pm.
10.00 pm Event concludes.

Participants must register for a free free ticket. Full details are available 0n the Eventbrite site.


The pursuit of astronomy requires a dark environment and attendance is at your own risk. We can accept no responsibility for accidents that occur.

Limited red safety lighting is provided around the observatory site and there will be some moonlight on this particular evening.

If you choose to bring a torch, please avoid glare when near the telescopes by covering it with red cellophane. We also request that you refrain from using flash photography. Thanks.



Star Hopping to the Messiers : A book by Robert Bee

One of the MAS Founder members, Robert Bee, has published his second major astronomy book, Star Hopping to the MessiersAn exciting and detailed book, it is suitable for novices and experienced members alike.

This well-presented publication is on sale for members and the public at our next Macarthur Astronomy Forum at a cost of only $22.00.

Bob's new book follows the success of his first book, Heavens Above (now out of print), 




                       Macarthur Astronomical Society                                                                  



The Guinness World Record for the most people stargazing at multiple venues at the same time is now Australia with 7,960 participants on 21st August 2015. This was organised by ANU across 37 locations in Australia, of which we at MAS were one.

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