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Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Monday 21st January 

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Speaker: Ric Forster (MAS)

Topic: Astronomy from Optical to Radio Telescopes: A Technologist's Journey.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 30, Building 30, Goldsmith Avenue, Western Sydney University, Campbelltown.

7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start.

Admission is free - your gold coin donation in our black box would be appreciated.


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29th Dec Sat Stargard
at The Oaks

Members private observing SS 8.09 pm
MR 1.11 am
4th-5th Jan Fri-Sat The Forest
at Belanglo Forest

New Moon Weekend
Members private observing
SS 8.12 pm
21st Jan

Macarthur Astronomy Forum
at Western Sydney University

Guest speaker: Ric Forster (MAS member) 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start
26th Jan

Sat Stargard
at The Oaks

Members private observing SS 8.09 pm
MR 11.47pm


  • *Time Key for observing nights: SS = Sun Set; MS = Moon Set; MR = Moon Rise.

  • Before Setting Out: If an event is in doubt, members should check (i) here; AND (ii) ; MAS Facebook page.

  • More: Details of events are lower down this page; see also our 'Maps' page; and the 'Field Etiquette' page.

  • Macarthur Astronomy Forum is normally held on the third Monday of the month (Jan-Nov).

    For full details of our next Public Night, please visit our Public Nights page.

 A full observing planning list for 2019 is available > Here <


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Fourth Annual MAS Students Night

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MAS is very proud of the students from Broughton Anglican College and Prairiewood High School who presented summaries of their astronomy projects completed during the year to the Macarthur Astronomy Forum on 10th December.

Acknowledgments also to the Science Masters Giorgio Discala (Prairiewood High) and Dr. Rahmi Jackson (Broughton College) for facilitating the students presentations.


Speaker List - Prairiewood High 

1. A Study on an Exoplanet Transit Light Curve.
Presented by Andrew Gorges, undertaken with Daniel Morenco

2. SX HYA, A Binary Star System
Kristie Caplikas

Speaker List - Broughton College

1. The Lux of the Moon Over a Lunar Cycle.
Aiden Peck

2. A Study of Light Pollution
Adam Bova

3. A Study of Light Pollution
Siobhan Burt

4. The Magellanic Clouds - Astrophotography
Angelina Ocokoljic

5. Observing Variable Stars
Abbey Goodridge and Lucy Tran

6. The Apparent Brightness of Celestial Objectives
Luke Davis

7. Astrophotography
Jason McCann

8. Estimate of the Mass of Jupiter from its Moons
Matthew Cooper

9. Estimate of the Mass of Jupiter from its Moons
Jacob Goodridge





















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The Guinness World Record for the most people stargazing at multiple venues at the same time is now Australia with 7,960 participants on 21st August 2015. This was organised by ANU across 37 locations in Australia, of which we at MAS were one.

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