Loan Telescopes

The Society owns three telescopes, all of which are available under the MAS Education Programme for approved members to borrow - after a qualifying membership period and subject to availability.

Availability & Conditions

A telescope may be loaned to MAS members who have been a member for over three months. You will be encouraged to make a donation to MAS and you will be required to sign for the telescope and accept responsibility for returning it in good condition.

Loan period is one month, potentially extendable to two months, depending on demand.

To borrow an MAS Loan Telescope, please contact us at the next monthly meeting to make arrangements - or email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Borrowers need to ensure that the telescope will fit into their motor vehicle safely & securely and must take special care to protect it from vibration and restrain it from movement during transportation and must keep it safe during storage.

Borrowers must return the instrument in the same condition that they received it 

Telescope Loan Agreement form

Borrowers will be required to sign the agreement before taking the telescope. Please view the form  > Here <

Loan Scope #1

This easy to use telescope - known as 'MacDob' - was purchased in 1997 with a generous $500 grant from the Commonwealth Bank in Campbelltown. 



Eyepiece 1: 25mm 1.25"dia (49x).
Eyepiece 2: 17mm 1.25"dia (72x).
Barlow lens (2x).
Moon filter.
Collimation tool.
Instruction manual.
Carry case with shoulder straps.


Celestron 'Starhopper'.
Dobsonian mount.
Newtonian reflecting optical system.
6” (152mm) aperture.
Focal length: 1220 mm.
Focal ratio: f/8.
Field of view with 25mm eyepiece: 1.1 degrees.      
Light gathering power: 474 x unaided eye.
Limiting Magnitude: 13.4

Will it fit into the car? 

Optical tube length: 1321 mm. 
Tube outer diameter: 216 mm.
Tube weight: 8.5 kg.
Mount weight: 9.6 kg.




Loan Scope #2

Kindly donated to us in 2016 by Helen Crase:



Eyepiece: 20 mm 1.25"dia.
Finderscope: built on battery operated star pointer.  
Tripod with centre support bracket.
Accessory tray.
Equatorial mount.
Counterweight bar.
Counterweights: 2.
Optical tube assembly (OTA)
Attachment rings & lens cap.
Slow motion cable adjusters: 2.
Software: The Sky CD.
Instruction manual.
Quick set up guide.


Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ
Mount: equatorial.
Tracking: manual.
Newtonian reflecting optical system.
5" (130mm) aperture.
Focal length: 650 mm.
Focal ratio: f/5.
Field of view with 20 mm eyepiece: 1.5 degrees.
Light gathering power: 345 x unaided eye.
Highest useful magnification: 306x.
Setting circles: RA & Dec.
Limiting stellar magnitude: 13.1
Resolution - Raleigh: 1.06 arc-seconds.
Resolution - Dawes limit: 0.89 arc-seconds.

Will it fit into the car?

Optical tube length: 610 mm.
Telescope weight: 12.7 kg.




Loan Scope #3   

We now have a third loan telescope with the donation of a Meade Matsukov-Cassegrain 90mm ETX, with full go-to facility and GPS capability.

Kindly donated by: Frank Alvaro in 2017



Eyepiece 1: 1.25” Super Plössl 26mm (48x) 
Eyepiece 2: 1.25” Super Plössl 9.7mm (129x)    
Red dot viewfinder
Instruction manual. tba
Carry case tba


Meade ETX-90
Alt-Az mount.
Maksutov-Cassegrain reflecting optical system.
90 mm aperture.
Focal length: 1250 mm.
Focal ratio: f/13.8
Resolving power: 1.29 arc-seconds
AudioStar handbox with built-in speaker
30,000 objects in database
Bubble Level/Compass

Will it fit into the car? 

Optical tube length: tba mm. 
Tube outer diameter: tba mm.
Assembled Product Weight: 8.6 kg

        image tba       




Camden Library Loan Telescopes

MAS has collaborated with Camden Library, who have commendably introduced a number of astronomical telescopes into their own inventory of items available for loan. MAS provide telescope servicing assistance to the Library and assist with operational advice.

Anyone who is a member of Camden Library can borrow one of their telescopes. Due to demand there may be a waiting period.

Details > Here <


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