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Ten yYears Continuous Membership



Macarthur Astronomical Society was formed in January 1996, with six classes of membership (Full member; Family Member; Student Member, Pensioner Member; Associate Member; and Honorary member). 

Ten Year Badges were instigated in 2007Five year certificates and fifteen year certificates were first awarded in 2011. Honorary memberships were first awarded in 2015. The twenty year awards were instigated in 2016.


Twenty Year Membership Awards

MAY 2016 Phillip Ainsworth  Noel Sharpe Roger Powell  Robert Bee  Ragbir Bhathal
APRIL 2017 Dick Everett  Ian Cook      
APRIL 2018 Lou Timpano        
APRIL 2019 Daniel Ross George Cruickshank Ursula Braatz John Rombi Lloyd Wright

Fifteen Year Membership Certificates

APRIL 2011 Phillip Ainsworth  Noel Sharpe Roger Powell  Robert Bee  Daniel Ross 
APRIL 2012 Ian Cook Dick Everett Lou Timpano    
APRIL 2013 John Rombi Ursula Braatz George Cruickshank    
APRIL 2014 Bruce Reardon Lloyd Wright      
APRIL 2015 Phillip Kidd        
MAY 2016 Michael Wells Ned Pastor      
APRIL 2017 Bob Monkcom        
APRIL 2018 Henry Swierk        

Ten Year Membership Badges 

APRIL 2007 Phillip Ainsworth  Robert Bee Ian Cook  Ragbir Bhathal   Peter Druery 
  Dick Everett  Frank Kish Roger Powell Daniel Ross Noel Sharpe 
  Lou Timpano        
APRIL 2008 Ursula Braatz George Cruickshank  John Rombi Robert Zindler  
APRIL 2009 Lloyd Wright Bruce Reardon      
APRIL 2010 Phillip Kidd Michael Wells      
APRIL 2011 Ned Pastor Bob Monckom      
APRIL 2012 Henry Swierk        
APRIL 2013 na        
APRIL 2014 Stewart Grainger Tony Law      
APRIL 2015 na        
MAY 2016 Davy Jones        
APRIL 2017 Chris Malikoff Steve Murphy  Graeme Bellamy     
APRIL 2018 Ray Armstrong Matthew White Jack White Michael Clark Jesse Clark
  Dana Clark        
APRIL 2019 Mohammed Baddah Jennifer Rombi Carol McVeigh    

Five Year Membership Certificates

APRIL 2011 Henry Swierk  Stewart Grainger Davy Jones  Steve Murphy  Debra Taylor 
  Graeme Bellamy  Chris Malikoff Stewart Cant  Ivan Fox  Tony Law  
APRIL 2012 Ray Armstrong Christiane Gurney Kate Ross Geoff Young Matt White
  Jack White Michael Raftery      
APRIL 2013 Jessie Clark Michael Clark  Dana Clark Wayne Harrison Eddy Bagnall
  Mohammed Baddah Jennifer Rombi Trevor Rhodes Carol McVeigh Anne Rhodes
APRIL 2014 Wade McCartney Peter Elson Mike Nicholas Robert Leonard Sue Leonard
  Michael Jupe Christine Jupe Ahmad Alcheikh Barry Moore Sarkis Garabedian
  Dave Wijesinghe Steve Nicoara James Tuckwell Christine Tuckwell  
APRIL 2015 Borislav Muratovic Jack Giles      
MAY 2016 Jack Goralewski Anthony Jelich Robyn Jelich Rahmi Jackson Bruce Butters
  Allan Hobbs Luke Williams      
APRIL 2017 Peter Scott Penny Reid Andrew Wood James Scott  
APRIL 2018 Laura Bach Richard Curley Paul Auer Alexander Massey Mark Johnston
  Angela Kaiser-Lauterbach Frank Kaiser-Lauterbach      
APRIL 2019 Masayoshi Nagaya Matthew Randal Suzanne Adijans Allen Williams James Wall
  Rob Moscrop Ralph Imber Shirley Imber Phillip Carey Bob Siegal

Membership awards are presented at the Society's Annual General Meetings, as a mark of appreciation to members who have reached continuous membership milestones over the previous twelve months.


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