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Event Summary


23rd Apr Sun Stargard
At The Oaks
Members Private Observing Night

SS 5.24 pm
MR 3.26 am
24th Apr Mon Annual General Meeting
At Western Sydney University
Election of Management Committee for 2017-18
See notice of meeting below
7.30 pm sharp
28-29th Apr Fri-Sat The Forest
At Belanglo State Forest
New Moon Weekend.
Members Private Observing.
SS 5.16 pm
29th Apr Sat lluminArt Festival
Details of MAS involvement to come Start: 4:00pm
End: 9:00pm
15th May Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum
at Western Sydney University
Guest Speaker: Prof Fred Watson 7.30 pm sharp
20th May Sat Stargard
At The Oaks
Members Private Observing Night SS 4.59 pm
MR 2.05 am
26-27th May Fri-Sat The Forest
At Belanglo
New Moon Weekend
Members Private Observing Night
SS  4.56 pm
3rd June Sat Public Observing Night
At Campbelltown Rotary Observatory
Public welcome.
Details to follow
  • *Time Key: SS = Sun Set; MS = Moon Set; MR = Moon Rise; FQM = First Quarter Moon all evening.

  • Before Setting Out: If an event is in doubt, members should check (i) here; AND (ii) your Private Messages; AND (iii) MAS Facebook page.

  • More: Details of Macarthur Astronomy Forum, members private observing nights and public nights are lower down this page; see also our 'Maps' page; and the 'Field Etiquette' page.



Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Third Monday of The Month



7.30 pm Monday 24th April

Room 213, Building 30,

Western Sydney University

Campbelltown Campus,

Goldsmith Drive, Campbelltown








Annual General Meeting

Notice is given that the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Macarthur Astronomical Society will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 24th April in the Small Lecture Theatre (Room G.213), School of Medicine (Building 30), Western Sydney University, Goldsmith Avenue, Campbelltown, NSW. Please note that to avoid the public holiday, this is being held on the fourth Monday in April. 


1. Opening of Meeting, welcome and apologies. 
2. Minutes of previous AGM, 16th May 2016. 
3. Business arising out of the minutes. 
4. Presentation of Annual Reports: President, Treasurer, Auditor, Other. 
5. Presentation of Membership Awards. 
6. Appointment of Returning Officer. 
7. Election of Management Committee for 2017-2018. 
8. Other Business. 
9. Close of Meeting. 

The following nominations have been received for election to seven Management Committee positions:

President: Tony Law - nominated by Bryan Pablo & seconded by Robert Monkcom.
Vice-President: Stewart Grainger - nominated by Robert Monkcom & seconded by Tony Law.
Treasurer: Richard Curley - nominated by Henry Swierk & seconded by Barry Moore.
Secretary: Barry Moore - nominated by Henry Swierk & seconded by Tony Law.
Committee Member: Carol McVeigh - nominated by Mike Nicholas & seconded by Henry Swierk.
Committee Member: Henry Swierk - nominated by Barry Moore, & seconded by Richard Curley.
Committee Member: John Rombi - nominated by Tony Law & seconded by Stewart Grainger.

Nominations for election to the committee closed on 14th April. Kindly note that to be eligible to vote or stand for election at the AGM you must be a paid up member for 2017-18.

Following the conclusion of the AGM, the meeting will continue as an Ordinary General Meeting (Macarthur Astronomy Forum).

Forum Details

Macarthur Astronomy Forum is held in the small lecture theatre in Building 30 (School of Medicine) at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus. We meet on the third Monday of the month (Jan-Nov) and second Monday (Dec).

The Forum is organised and conducted by Macarthur Astronomical Society and we acknowledge the support and cooperation of Campbelltown Rotary Observatory and Western Sydney University.

Public Welcome

Members of the public are cordially invited to attend the Forum. We do not charge admission but your gold coin donation in our black box (at the front of the auditorium) would be very gratefully accepted. 

To get there, please view our On The Map Menu at the top of this page. 


We provide self-service coffee, tea and biscuits at 9.30 pm after the Forum at a charge of $2.00 per head and conclude at 10.00 pm.

Speakers Coming Up Soon  

Please see our Guest Speaker page for a full list of guest speakers, past and present.  

  15th May


19th June






Prof Fred Watson



 Prof Andrew Hopkins





MAS Public Outreach Events

Winter Session of Public Nights for 2017

In collaboration with the Campbelltown Rotary Observatory and Dr Ragbir Bhathal (Western Sydney University), MAS will be conducting our four public observing night for 2017 at the Observatory in Macarthur Heights. The next event will be Saturday 3rd June.

Further event details will be posted two weeks prior to the event.

Picton "illuminARTe" Festival

Saturday 29 April set up at 4pm at St Mark's church, 7 Menangle St, Picton NSW 2571. Event information.

Further details of MAS participation to be confirmed.

Camden Library Public Night

Wednesday 7th June 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm.

Further details to be advised in due course.

Astrofest SYD 2017

Saturday 1st July 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

This major event at University of Sydney will include telescope viewing; lectures targeting children and families; and a Planetarium show

Following a successful event last year, CAASTRO have now brought on board the University of Sydney’s Science Faculty to help make the next event bigger and better. Members and telescopes required.

Location : St John's Oval, Sydney University.

Special Macarthur Astronomy Forum

A Date For Your Diary

14th August - An Evening With The Stars


  Prof Maria Cunningham
  Prof Tamara Davis
  Prof Lisa Harvey-Smith
  Prof. Naomi McLure-Griffiths
(ANU Canberra)
  Prof Geraint Lewis

In collaboration with Campbelltown Rotary Observatory and Western Sydney University, MAS have been fortunate to secure a line-up of five of the most senior Australian astronomers - stars in their own right - to participate together in a special public panel style discussion about modern astronomy - what we know and what we want to know about the Universe.

Further details will be advised closer to the event.


MAS Organisation

2017-18 Financial Year

All 2016-17 memberships expired on 28th February. Members who have not renewed for 2017-18 will be unable to vote at the AGM and their membership will be expunged after 30th April. 

Management Committee

To contact a committee member please send an Inter-Member Message from the menu on the top left hand side of this page (you must be logged on) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Official MAS merchandise on sale for members: 


MAS Ball Point Pens Great value at only $5.00.   
MAS Coffee Mugs:  
MAS Shirts:  black or navy (mens only, size M): $30.00.
MAS Beanies:  black $15.00. 
MAS Stickers: 100mm x 50mm five pack $2.00. 
MAS Sew-on Patches:  105 mm x 60 mm  $5.00
Prime Focus Magazine: Printed back issues for a gold coin donation.

Most items are available at the monthly Forum.

It is not always possible to bring every stock item to every meeting. 

Please contact Stewart Grainger by Private Message or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MAS Astro Observing

Members Private Observing Nights


Forest weekends are held close to New Moon. Stargard is held on the second best weekend each cycle and public nights are usually held near First Quarter Moon.

Members must arrange their own transport and bring their own food, drink and warm clothing. It is also essential - for your own safety and that of others - that you bring a red torch with you to observing nights. You should arrive before sunset. Location maps of our observing sites are accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

If arriving late, make sure that your approach to the final gate is with only parking lights and ask someone to guide you safely into the observing area.

If weather conditions look doubtful, please check this page AND the Facebook page AND your Private Messages before leaving home and please ensure you have saved the relevant contact numbers on your mobile phone.


Please consider the needs of others around you, especially when using laser pointers, camera and computer monitors, car boot and interior lights etc. Please read our Field Etiquette page from the menu at the top of this page.

Stargard Observing


Stargard nights at The Oaks (adjacent to The Oaks Airport) are free to financial members and invited guests only. Please contact the President before inviting non-members to attend.

Beginners are particularly encouraged to observe at Stargard before progressing to the Forest. Members who have not yet purchased a telescope and  wish to familiarise themselves with what other members use are welcome to attend and seek advice from more experienced members.

Stargard observing dates are scheduled for one Saturday of each Lunar cycle, either the week before The Forest or the week after.

If a scheduled night is cancelled due to weather, another night may be selected.


Members are requested to always close the main gate and throw the bolt without locking it, to discourage entry by non-authorised people but permit entry or egress by members.

The Forest Observing

The Forest Cabin Under the Stars, copyright Tony Law  

The cabin at Belanglo Forest is our premier dark-sky observing site, normally open on the Weekend closest to the New Moon. Bring your equipment and observe or photograph our Forest sky which really has to be seen to be believed on a clear night. Limited sleeping accommodation is available but depending on the numbers is not guaranteed.

Non-members who are experienced amateur astronomers may be invited to attend the Forest, subject to prior clearance from the President.

Use of the site between Sunday morning and Monday morning will be dependent on the number of members each month who express a desire to attend. Members who have paid for two nights will get the third night free. 

Forest Charge for members: $20 for one night, $35 for two nights, third night free (per member), whether attending just for the evening or staying all night. Please see Ned Pastor or Tony Law on your arrival to make your payment and please try to have the exact amount. 

Charge for invited non-members: $25.00 for one night and $45.00 for two nights, third night free.

Free weekend: each financial member is entitled to one free Forest weekend per year. Bring your current membership card with you when you come to a New Moon Weekend and it will be punched, signifying that you've taken your free weekend.


MAS Online

Ask An Astronomer

We are always happy to answer your questions about amateur astronomy and assist you with advice about purchasing a new telescope. If you prefer to contact us privately, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join or watch the conversation with MAS members and friends from the broader astronomy community on the MAS Facebook Group or follow the MAS Twitter conversation.  Please 'share' MAS Facebook events to your own Facebook friends and don't forget to 'retweet' them to your Twitter followers.

Citizen Science - Our MAS Volunteer Scientific Computing Team

Use your idle computer time to help professional astronomers do scientific number crunching. 

Download the free software from  > Here <, then join one or more astromomy projects to run automatically in the background on your computer. You are in control of the amount of your computer's idle resources to dedicate to projects. Once started, don't forget to attach to our Team.

The table of team work credits updates daily. Please contact Roger Powell for friendly help on getting started.

You can see the past and current team members individual work credit totals > Here < and a statistical overview > Here <







                      Macarthur Astronomical Society                                                                



The Guinness World Record for the most people stargazing at multiple venues at the same time is now Australia with 7,960 participants on 21st August 2015. This was organised by ANU across 37 locations in Australia, of which we at MAS were one.


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