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11th Jul Sat Stargard
At The Oaks

Members only private observing.   See note below.
SS 5.02 pm
MR 22.50 pm

17th-18th Jul Fri-Sat The Forest
At Belanglo

New Moon Weekend
Members only private observing.  See note below.
SS 5.06 pm
20th Jul Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Guest Speaker: Prof Roberto Soria

Galaxy clusters, mass, dark matter , examples of the most important galaxies in Virgo (some ellipticals and some spirals), including the famous M87 with its big nuclear BH and jet.

7.15 pm for 7.30 pm start
15th Aug Sat Stargard
at The Oaks

Members only private observing.   See note below.
SS 5.25 pm
MR 4.12 am
17th Aug Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum

Guest Speaker: Dr Emil Lenc (ASKAP)
Details tbc
7.15 pm for 7.30 pm start
21st-22nd Aug Fri-Sat The Forest
at Belanglo

New Moon Weekend
Members only private observing.   See note below.
SS 5.30 pm
    • Members Observing Sessions

    • *Time Key for observing sessions: SS = sunset; MS = Moonset; MR = Moonrise

    • Government regulations place a limit on attendance numbers at observing nights. Members must contact John Rombi (Stargard) or Tony Law (The Forest) to reserve a place before travelling.
    • Strict adherance to social distancing and public health requirements will be mandatory. Before travelling, members should check this page and the Facebook page for updates. In the event of poor conditions, Forest weekends will be cancelled and Stargard sessions will be postponed or even brought forward. See also our Observing page and Field Etiquette page.
    • Macarthur Astronomy Forum

    • The Forums are held on the third monday of the month (Jan-Nov) and an earlier Monday in December. They are normally held publicly at Western Sydney University (Campbelltown Campus) but during the public health crisis are being held online for members only.



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Both Stargard & The Forest observing fields are now available to us again but are both limited to a maximum attendance of members on the observing field together. Social distancing and compliance with other health & safety rules still apply. 

MAS will strictly control the numbers. Members wishing to attend either venue must be in good health and will be selected on a first come basis, prior to the event. 

Our monthly forums will continue online for members only. You will receive information about each event two days beforehand. 

Please check the Event Schedule above for event information. The latest information will also be detailed in your e-mails, our Facebook and Twitter feeds and of course Prime Focus magazine. 

MAS will not organise or participate in any public outreach events until next year.







Have you read these astronomy themed short stories, written by founder member Bob Bee?



Macarthur Astronomy Forum:

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Dr Roberto Soria

Monday 20th July

7.15 for 7.30 pm

 Online for members only


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President:  John Rombi.
Vice President:  Noel Sharpe;  Treasurer: Andy Milton;  Secretary: Richard Curley.
Committee members:  Henry Swierk,  Greg Bradford,  Phillip Kidd  &  Dave Manning.


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