Planner 2020

Observing Nights and Forum nights 2020

For advanced planning purposes only, as dates may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please always check the News & Events page for event starting times and possible late changes.

All scheduled events will be reviewed and announcements will be made at the appropriate times.

New Moon Weekends (Fri-Sat)

Belanglo Forest
Members Private Observing Nights

Jan 24th-25th cancelled (bushfires).
Feb 21st-22nd cancelled (weather).
March 20th-21st went ahead.
April 24th-25th cancelled (public health).
May 22nd-23rd cancelled (public health).
June 19th went ahead.
June 20th cancelled (weather).

July 17th-18th cancelled (cabin hygiene)
August 21st-22nd cancelled (weather)
September 18th-19th cancelled (weather)
October 16th-17th  cancelled (weather)
November 13th-14th went ahead.
December 11th-12th

Third Quarter Moon Saturdays

Members Private Observing Nights

Jan 18th cancelled (bushfires).
Feb 15th cancelled (weather).
March 14th pp to 20th (weather).
March 20th unscheduled - 
went ahead.
April 18th  cancelled (public health)
May 16th  cancelled (public health).
June 13th went ahead
June 24th
 unscheduled - went ahead.
July 11th   postponed (weather).
August 15th  postponed (weather).
September 12th postponed (weather).
October 10th went ahead.
November 7th postponed (weather).
November 10th unscheduled - went ahead.
December 5th postponed (weather).

December 12th

First Quarter Moon Saturdays

Public Nights

January 4th: unallocated.
February 1st: unallocated.
March 7th: unallocated.
April 4th: unallocated.
May 2nd: Domes.  cancelled (public health).
May 30th: Domes. cancelled (public health).
June 27th: Domes. cancelled (public health).
July 25th: Domes. cancelled (public health).
Aug 29th: Domes. cancelled (public health).
Sept 26th: Domes. cancelled (public health).
October 24th: unallocated.
November 21st: unallocated.
December 19th: unallocated.

Third Mondays

Macarthur Astronomy Forum Nights

January 20th  went ahead.
February 17th went ahead.
March 16th cancelled (public health).
April 20th  online.
May 18th  online.
June 15th online.
July 20th  online.
August 17th online.
September 21st online.
October 19th online.
November 16th online.
December 7th (First Monday) online.


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