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16th Jan Sat Stargard at The Oaks Members New Moon Weekend SS 8.09 pm
18th Jan Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum Guest Speaker: Dr Devika Kamath 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm start
6th Feb Sat Stargard at The Oaks Members private observing SS 7.56 pm MR 1.30 am
13th Feb Sat Stargard at The Oaks Members private observing SS 7.50 pm NM
15th Feb Mon Macarthur Astronomy Forum Guest Speaker: Dr Tayyaba Zafar  7.15 pm for 7.30 pm start


Membership Renewals

Members are reminded that the 2020-21 membership period will expire on 28th February, when renewals for 2021-22 will become overdue.


Next Guest Speaker

Cosmic Alchemy: The origin of chemical elements in the Universe.

Dr Devika Kamath (Maquarie University)

 Kamath Devika 600x400

Monday 18th January

Online, for members only.

Dr Devika Kamath Profile


  • Members Sessions

  • Regrettably, for the foreseeable future, the Forest location will not be available to members for New Moon weekends. New Moon Saturdays will be rescheduled for Stargard.

  • Members must contact John Rombi to reserve a place before travelling to Stargard.

    Members are reminded to maintain strict social distancing. Masks are preferred.

  • In the event of poor conditions, Stargard sessions will be postponed or even brought forward. Before travelling, members should check this page and the Facebook page for updates. See also our Observing page and Field Etiquette page.

  • *Time Key for observing sessions: SS = sunset; MS = Moonset; MR = Moonrise


  • Macarthur Astronomy Forum

  • The Forums are held on the third monday of the month (Jan-Nov) and an earlier Monday in December. They are normally held publicly at Western Sydney University (Campbelltown Campus) but during the public health crisis are being held online, for members only.



Except when you are speaking, please always engage your "MUTE" button to silent mode, to prevent every slight sound you make from being heard by everyone. 

The "MUTE" button is located bottom left. When you wish to speak, you can unmute by pressing the space bar. 




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