Map - Stargard

Getting There 


Government regulations place a limit on attendance numbers at observing nights. Members must contact John Rombi first, to register your interest before travelling. Strict adherance to social distancing and public health requirements will be mandatory.

Please arrive before sunset.

Heading along Burragorang Road from Camden, about 800 metres past The Oaks roundabout, you will see the Rural Fire Service on the left. Turn left and the main gate to the Sports Ground will be directly ahead, to the right of the image below.

The Main Gate at Dudley Chesham Sports Ground. Image copyright R. Powell 2016

When you drive through the main gate please close it and slide the bolt without locking.

Turn immediate left and follow the track around the left side of the sports field to gate 2 on your left at the far end of that road. Go through gate 2, down the slope and then through gate 3 over the narrow bridge straddling the creek. You'll see us setting up our gear straight ahead.

If the front gate has been locked by another group, you will have to walk about 400 metres to find us in the third field.

For first time visitors, here is a dash-cam video which shows the route between Burragorang Road and the observing field, co-starring (in order of appearance): Tony Law, Roger Powell and Dave Manning.

When departing at night, drive carefully and watch out for wombats and other wild life.

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