Guidelines For Writing And Posting Articles To The MAS Website

by Roger Powell, Webmaster


Members are invited to submit articles to be publicly available for reading on the MAS website. Content should be their own work.


Copyright belongs to the member, who by uploading, grants MAS permission to publish the work.

We currently have two categories of articles, one for general astronomy and another for fiction. Please contact the webmaster in advance if you wish to submit an article which does not fall into these categories.

Because website editing has its own characteristics and idiosyncrasies, I am providing some guidelines and notes to assist you in doing so.

The process is: author creates article > saves > webmaster reviews > publishes > author reviews published article.

Creating & Formatting

Formatting is integral to the creation process and there are two approaches to creating an article.

a) You can open the web editor first, type directly into it and format as you go; or

b) Subject to the following notes, you can prepare it in the word processing software of your choice and insert it into the web editor;

Please note carefully that the formatting of pre-prepared articles must be discarded when pasting. The article should be pasted in as "plain text". You can then use the web editor to format it to suit.

If formatted articles are posted to the website, the embedded formatting will be unpredictable. It will probably not publish as you might have seen it in your word processing software and it will sometimes be unaccessible (meaning that you may not be able to change it unless you are familiar with code).

To avoid these issues, please always use the "plain text" option when pasting.

Saving, Publishing and Editing

Before saving, please include your name on the page as author of the article.

When you save your article, an alert is sent to the Webmaster that a new article is available for publication. It will be reviewed and published if suitable. Sometimes, the Webmaster may suggest edits. 

If you save an article but do not wish it to be published until you have finished writing it, please contact the Webmaster to make arrangements to hold publication.

The post-published formatting will sometimes not be identical to the pre-posted format in the web editor. Your articles must always be proof read after publishing to ensure that paragraph indenting and line spacings and all other formating is consistent and suitably presented.

You are free to edit, reformat, add photographs or otherwise improve the content after publication of the article.

Character Formatting

Whilst not wanting to set too many rules, the formatting throughout the article should be consistent and the following should be observed:

General text: "paragraph" (bold or unbold).

Main headings: "Heading 3" (not bold)

Sub-headings: "Heading 4" (not bold)

Italics: use italics sparingly - if at all - as this version of Joomla interprets italics as red characters.


Joomla does not show superscripts, so to show large numbers in exponential form you will need to devise your own format by inserting Ascii characters and/or variable font sizes and/or bold/italics to convey the intended meaning to the reader.

For example:

5^2, 5E2, 5e2.

Images & Tables

Images are encouraged - the more photos there are to break up the text, the more attractive your article will appear to potential readers.

Images should be uploaded to the following folder: "members_article_images".


Uploaded file names must conform to the Joomla character protocol: only contain alphanumeric characters & no spaces; and should preferably contain the identification initials of the author of the article.

Inserted images should be sized to fit inside the page (max width 950px is good).

Yes, you may create tables within the Joomla web editor - but importing a table is likely to introduce complications.

What Are All Those Boxes Below The Editor?

You can select the Publishing Category or leave it to the Webmaster. Please only select "MAS Articles" or "Members Fiction" as appropriate. If in doubt, leave it.

Please ignore the rest of the boxes and thank you for not changing the content of any of them.


The images on this page were all obtained from Wikimedia Commons. 

Your article would not be complete without attributing your images too.


Thank you for uploading your contributions. I hope these guidelines are of some assistance.

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need any assistance with your articles.

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