Stargard (By Trevor Rhodes)

Twas the night before Stargard
and all across the sky,
cloud was all that could be seen
by our naked eye.

Hardware was the problem
that someone had bought,
but who was the culprit
and could they be caught.

We must hurry to catch them
said The Great Rombi,
so I can curse them and hex them
and turn them into a Zombi.

So we gathered together
to form a posse,
covered ourselves with spray
to keep away the mozzies.

All our heads went together
to come up with a plan,
we need some transport
so we jumped in Ned's van.

In we all climbed
one after another,
all squeezed in
right next to each other.

On Skywatcher, on Meade
on Coronado and Celestron,
On Orion, on Televue,
on Pentax and Vixen.

We turned on Geoff's goto
and told it to find,
any hardware that was new
and it started to grind.

It pointed to the west
and looked to the north,
swung around to the east
but finished on south.

The Great Rombi
being our leader,
stepped forth to look
and found the bleeder.

On through Eagle Vale
and into the dark,
bypassing Bradbury
heading towards St Helen's Park.

So there is the culprit
all snug in his bed,
all smiling and happy
with his purchase from NZ.

But all turned out fine
and the cloud went away,
the sky was so dark
and we all saw the Milky Way.

Because we weren't being superstitious
like some think we would,
We know everything will be fine
Knock on wood!

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