Members Roll of Honour

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In Remembrance

Remembering the passion and enthusiasm for astronomy of fellow members of the Society who are regrettably no longer with us.


Joined MAS




Robert Zindler



Amateur cosmologist and member for thirteen years


Stuart Cant



A regular at our meetings for eight years.

148 Steve Nicoara 2008-11-17 2015

Seven years of membership.

109 Davy Jones 2006-04-03 2019-03-08 Member for thirteen years. Contributor to Prime Focus magazine & our MAS Facebook Group. A familiar face at our Forums until prevented by illness in 2017, when he was conferred with Honorary membership.

053 Nicholas (Ned) Pastor 2001-04-02 2020-04-13 An outstanding observational amateur astronomer. A regular attendee at our monthly Forums and New Moon Weekend observing sessions at Belanglo Forest. A strong supporter of MAS and a great friend to many of us. Nineteen years a member.

006 Robert (Bob) Bee 1996 2020-08-03 Founding member. Passionate amateur astronomer. Committee member 1996-2008. Prime Focus Editor 1996-2007. Secretary 2007-2008. Almost 25 years a member. Book author, article contributor, newspaper columnist and story writer. Above all Bob was an astronomy communicator, encouraging young and old to look up and view the "Heavens Above". 

Gone - but not forgotten

Their friendships are sadly missed but we will always remember the good times and be grateful for their contributions to the Society.

Their sun has set - but long may their stars continue to shine.


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