Membership benefits and privileges

Free advice

  • Sharing your common interest in astronomy with others.

  • Access to members with a wealth of expertise in various aspects of amateur astronomy.

  • Advice on purchasing a telescope, mount, eyepieces and other accessories.

  • Advice on setting up your observing equipment.

  • Advice on operating your equipment.

  • Advice on maintaining  your equipment.

  • Advice on upgrading your equipment.

  • Occasional telescope 'workshop' evenings.

Members Private Observing Nights

  • Access to members observing field nights at our two dark sky sites.

  • Access to our Stargard observing site at no additional charge.

  • Low cost entry to our Forest observing site.

  • One free weekend per MAS financial year at The Forest dark sky observing site.

  • Access to public observing nights without the need to book.

Monthly Meetings

  • Regular access to monthly meetings.

  • Regular guest speakers, including elite professional astronomers and experienced amateurs.

  • Purchase of MAS merchandise at membership prices.


  • Extended website access.

  • Private Messaging (PM) facility, to directly contact other members and receive messages from the President.

  • Monthly newsletter.

Cost Saving

  • Trade discounts at Jaycar electronics stores.

  • Lower cost for observing nights at The Forest.

  • Renew membership on time and avoid paying another joining fee.

  • Membership fee discounts for families, students and pensioners.

  • The Society's NSW Police registration, negating the need for individual registration of a laser pointer with the Police for astronomical use.


  • Use of one of our loan telescopes (after a qualifying period).
    Annual membership identity card and name tag to display at meetings.

  • Free display of members astronomical images - on website, at exhibitions and/or on collaborative DVD.

  • Membership awards for 5/10/15/20/25 years continuous membership.

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